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The essence of the birth journey is to release a human life from within. This life is unique, in its own soul, spirit, personality and a developed consciousness. It is the greatest gift we have to give this world – to ourselves. These are the most sacred hours of our life, the most powerful time, and the most blessed.

I am there for you, serving with humility, love, compassion and grace in this significant experience.

I come to birth with open arms, heart, soul and spirit, to serve and introduce any kind of energy that can help make the birth experience satisfying, positive and empowering.

As I view the birth as the final phase of the birth preparation in its entirety, I attribute great importance to it. I construct a tailor-made birth preparation process for each individual, depending on what best suits you, optimizing and adapting my skills according to your needs.

As a yogi, I had an epiphany in which the magnificent oneness of yoga and childbirth was born within me.

I conceived this insight: yoga is birth and birth is yoga – they are one.

From this insight, I have created and developed a unique and invigorating prenatal yoga program which is in fact an application of the unification of yoga and birth.

I hope that you will find the following pages useful as you follow your path on your powerful journey.




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