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What I do during your birth

“All your support, expertise and love helping to make a dream come true. Lucy’s birth and labor were truly the most amazing experiences of my life.” (Bridget)

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I come to the birth with open arms, an open heart, an open soul and spirit, to serve and introduce any kind of energy that can help.

During the birth process, I adapt myself to each woman, serving and respecting her needs, wants, desires and values, to enable her to experience the birth in a flowing and positive way that best suits her. I am there with her and for her, in everything she needs. I adapt as her needs change and evolve during this immense process.

I feel it is my role to approach each and every birth with great love, recognizing the sanctity and immensity of what is taking place.

I view the birth as the final phase of the birth preparation in its entirety. During the birth itself, I serve as the person reminding the couple of the preparation process and supporting it. I bring with me a ‘tool box’ which is as diverse as possible: Physical, emotional and spiritual. That gives the woman the energy and tools she needs in order to help herself.

“I feel very proud of myself and so joyful about his birth. I know I couldn’t have done it without you. There were, of course, some very hard moments but I was able to think about what you had taught me and change those moments from fearful to powerful.”(Jenna)

“Tami helped bring out my inner strength in order to have the most natural birth possible.” (Heidi)

“It was Tami’s support that gave me the strength and the courage to stick to my original plan and have a natural birth.” (Zohar)

“Tami made me feel confident and joyful during the birth process.” (Daphne)

“Her stamina gives you stamina!” (Jenna)

I transmit through my presence, energies of tranquility, flow, acceptance and relaxation. I offer guided imagery, give words of encouragement and help the woman focus on her center. I encourage deep breathing as well as mobility, which is the number one pain relief method. I remind women to stay active as needed and change positions during labor as a way to help the process flow. I am there, with warm hands, massaging, softening and helping to ease the pain.

“She comforted me, helped me with special exercises, rubbed my feet, and used special techniques to make the labor go smoother and less pain!!!” (Oshrit)

I create an emotional environment which embraces her, and gives her the freedom to be her true self, to listen to her body, to let her intuition and instincts lead her and to be able to surrender to this immense process. I encourage the mother to trust the process of childbirth, and let her feel that she is the center, the leader and the power of that process. She is the one who is responsible for it.

I encourage mothers to communicate with the baby and make him/her a partner in the process using a variety of methods.

I am a resourceful doula with a high level of ability to provide creative solutions during changing and complex situations.

I am flexible throughout the childbirth process, enabling the couple to softly change direction if it becomes necessary, making the change with acceptance, love and inner joy. I am there to help the mother and her partner perceive the birth in the highest positive way.

“Tami helped to prepare my husband….Tami helped us determine a way that my husband could help me during my second birth….Tami helped him be the necessary central piece of my labor support system.” (Jenna)

My presence complements mother’s partner and empowers him. Her partner and I work together as a team. We have developed the way we work in advance according to what suits both the mother and her partner. I am attentive and I hold a place of quiet and respect to the couple’s intimacy. Furthermore, I give couples the tools to experience and enhance their intimacy during the birth. The partner knows that he doesn’t bare the sole weight of responsibility for caring for the woman. He can also take some time out to renew himself. The best way to sum up the type of teamwork I share with birth partners is to quote Heidi’s husband, whose birth I supported. After the birth, I said to him: “What a wonderful gift it is for a doula to work with a partner like you”. He replied: “What a wonderful gift it is for a husband to have a doula like you.”

I bring my life-views as a yogi to this journey: I work from my heart, with kind, pure, strong and flowing energy. I bring with me to each birth a total devotion to the woman and to the process. I provide complete emotional acceptance and more: I become one with the woman, all barriers are dissipated. I am internally attentive to what is within her. I act according to my own astute intuitions and I tune in to the woman’s intuitions and inner purity.

“You were truly with me- in presence and presence of mind- you knew just what I needed through all the twists and turns and unexpected’s that came up.” (Goldie)

I bring along energy of love of life, surrendering to life, positive thinking, compassion, grace, being present and letting go.

“Wasn’t it painful? people ask me when I tell about my good birth experience. Of course it hurt- but the pain was not the center of my experience.” (Shimrit)

“I met pain and allowed it to lead and guide me. Tami taught me to see healthy pain as an avenue, something to turn to for growth.” (Bridget)

Should things become overwhelming, bear in mind … the essence of this birth journey is to release a human life from within. This life is unique, with own soul, spirit, personality and a developed consciousness. It is the greatest gift we have to give this world – to ourselves. These are the most sacred hours of our life, the most powerful time, and the most blessed.



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