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My classes include examples from births which I have attended, tips and advice, things which will help you manage your birth in the best possible way.

“I’ve learned so many tips on how to best manage things in labor and in pregnancy that I feel prepared.” (Angela)

“When I was in labor, I remembered many of the suggestions she had given.” (Daniela)

“It was a gentle and affective way to explore pain management techniques.” (Andrea)

“She brought me together in myself with a confluence of movement, harmony and spiritual physicality. She taught us how our bodies, our babies, and movement could synthesized and woven into our birth and our yoga practice.” (Bridget)

The yoga classes I teach prepare you for the journey of childbirth – from both a knowledge base and from the holistic body-mind -spirit perspective. As yoga is in essence the experience of oneness and an oneness of body-mind-spirit as is birth-There is nothing like yoga for nurturing this bond. The more complete, harmonious and balanced this oneness is, the more a woman will be able to flow freely through the birth.

Prenatal yoga class with Tami © Kara Slating photography

I will provide some illustrations of the practical way in which we will practice the essence, principles and elements of yoga:

During my classes we will practice asanas (yoga postures) that can be used during labor to ease the pain and to help the process of birth progress and smoothly flow. The mobility one gains will enable the birth to take place actively, through freedom of movement and expression.

“Having practiced so many different movements made me feel prepared and when one didn’t feel good I knew that there were many other things for me to try.” (Alison)

Yoga practice sharpens and improves inner silence and the ability to listen to the body, to the messages it sends – and through this, during labor, to act intuitively from attentiveness to the body’s inner wisdom. Yoga provides the tools for conscious relaxation, relaxing of consciousness and enhancing focus as well as being present through breathing, relaxation and guided imagery. All of these will greatly facilitate the flow of the birth process. During this process, yogi breathing contributes to vitality, a good level of oxygen for mother and baby, decreasing pain and anxiety, brings quietness and tranquility, and acts as a focal point – all of which helps cope with contractions.

“Practicing deep and slow breathing was helpful. I found this very natural to do during labor because we had practiced so much during class.” (Alison)

Relaxation teaches us how to conserve energy, which will be very helpful during labor between contractions. Training the mind to relax and work simultaneously is also extremely valuable during contractions. Meditation helps you to stay present, pure and relaxed. It sharpens your intuition and allows you to lead yourself from a place of inner attentiveness and purity. When we add positive thinking into this, it will all help in forming a state of mind through which pregnancy and childbirth can be experienced as a positive and empowering life journey.

“Each week I was visualizing how positive an experience labor could be. Also I was expecting to let go of my thinking mind and trust my intuition and my body- practicing this focus on the body each week made it easier to let go and trust my body during labor….. I focused on my baby and imagined him helping me. These ideas are from the class and were helpful to me during labor.” (Alison)

Prenatal yoga class with Tami © Kara Slating photography

The yoga elements from the holistic-body-mind-spirit perspective we refer to in class are:
Stretching, lengthening/expanding, softening, flexibility (body and mind) , flowing energy, grounding, control, uplifting vitality and good radiant energy,  connection to the body and mind as one, inner observation, balancing/centering, cleansing-purifying, release of fears and inhibitions, strengthening, increasing stamina and muscle tone, voice and nutrition.
With yoga, we can deal with pregnancy and childbirth from a place of a loving heart, compassion, giving, surrendering to a power that is beyond us, grace, letting go, without criticism or judgment. We develop tools to accept the process and to be present through the process.
Each and every lesson will focus on one topic of these principles and elements – through theory, practice and asanas we will turn each one of them into practical tools to implement during labor.

The wonderful thing about the regular and repeating practice of the postures, relaxation, guided imagery etc. is not only in the contribution to present well-being, but in that this knowledge becomes assimilated in the body so that during the birth the use of these skills feels natural – just like a part of you.
Yoga will assist you to part with your fears and inhibitions, and to come to your birth with more self-confidence through this process and in the process.

“My labor was amazing- intense and the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I never thought to myself that I couldn’t do it and I credit all those yoga classes for that.” (Elizabeth)

When the principles and elements of yoga that we have learned are woven together –
When we interweave my yoga-doula practice in this unique program:
An enormous array of tools is formed, as well as a state of mind, a way to observe things-observe life, a way to prepare for birth, to be present in birth and to experience it as an enlightening, transformative event in which it is possible for the mother not only to give birth joyfully for her and her baby, but also to be reborn.

All of this is but a part of a whole body of knowledge; if you would like to know more, come and take part in this enjoyable program: Standard Course -Birth classes through Yoga or Comprehensive Course- birth classes through Yoga.

“This class was the most helpful preparation for labor that I did and I would recommend it to anyone.” (Alison)

“I can’t believe I actually found her and have been a part of such a wonderful training. I highly recommend her classes!” (Angela)

“Almost wish I was pregnant again just to share those lovely Thursday nights all over.” (Tori)

To read more about women experience in prenatal yoga go to the Yoga Testimonials: My experience with prenatal Yoga

From top :weekly prenatal yoga group meeting, weekly prenatal yoga group meetings after 2 years,LYC- Prenatal yoga group 1st anniverssary .

Before one of the lessons, a student (Katrin Lepler) approached me and suggested that we start a prenatal and post partum moms’ group and an on-line forum. I thought this idea was great, because in my heart, I always wanted it to happen.

The group met on a regular basis once a week and I attended the meetings during its first year. We celebrated the group’s 1st anniversary with an exciting party for the mom’s and their new babies. It was a pampering party- both the babies and moms had a massage. It was great to meet them all

As Katrin describes: "I felt we had to keep in touch, take advantage of what we learned about ourselves during class and after giving birth, so we started a group of women interested in continuing to meet beyond attending the same class. Both women who recently gave birth and pregnant women were able to share their thoughts, concerns, and experience with Tami being a great part of it and supporting us. We still continue to meet once a week and see our babies/toddlers learn and grow while sharing concerns with each other and asking for advice".





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