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Prenatal Yoga: A powerful tool on the journey to childbirth


If you feel that pregnancy is a time in your life in which to nurture yourself, to recharge in positive energy and enhance that energy for yourself, your baby, your birth and life… come be a part of this journey – through yoga – in an atmosphere of tranquility, creativity, joy, harmony and light.

“The prenatal yoga class was a highlight of my week and gave me energy for several days after.” (Shea)

“The classes were enormously helpful to me during pregnancy.”(Mary)

Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to feel good during the months of pregnancy. It promotes you and your baby’s overall well-being and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It is a way to take a peaceful break away from the rest of the world for an hour of tranquility and inner observation, to uplift your consciousness, and to connect with yourself and your baby.

“Sometimes even if I had a long hard day I’d run to class knowing that I’d felt better after I left. And I have- every time. Once I got into the class I was able to forget about everything else, all the problems of the day and focus very deeply within myself and really relax in this new and amazing process of being pregnant. I enjoyed the process even more and honored it even more after her class……. I just simply felt cared for and thought of during each lesson.” (Angela)

Prenatal yoga class with Tami © Kara Slating photography

“During and after yoga, I always felt very relaxed physically and mentally…. Tami is also encouraging, always offering positive and loving energy about pregnancy and labor.” (Daniela)

“Tami had such a soft voice during this class. It made the class relaxing, spiritual and filled with energy. She gave each woman individual attention and took interest in everyone’s journey through pregnancy.”
“It was wonderful to be with other mothers and the happiness that filled the room was contagious.” (Shea)

Yoga classes are a social times, in which you will meet other women who undergo experiences similar to yours. The group can give you support, answering many of your questions over tea after class. Many of the class graduates continue to stay in touch and provide each other with highly valuable support after the birth.

“I really enjoyed the community of the class. It was so nice to form bonds with women who were in my same situation, to be with a group that truly understood what I was going through. It was a boost of confidence when the women who were further along were able to have a natural birth that they wanted.” (Mary)

Yoga training is gentle and cozy ,no previous knowledge is necessary, and will help you to deal with the common discomforts of pregnancy, allowing you to feel at ease with the many changes taking place in your body. It is also very beneficial after birth.

“I had an extremely easy recovery, which I have to credit the class for. I felt so good and fit almost immediately after my daughter was born.”(Mary)

“I credit the quick recovery to the physical and mental preparation and spiritual peace I experienced throughout.” (Andrea)


I began practicing yoga while I was pregnant with my son and I remember it as a wonderful gift. It contributed greatly to my feeling during the pregnancy and birth. In time, yoga for me has become an anchor and a way in which I view and experience my life.

I practice a yoga style called Sivananda. It is a traditional form of yoga, founded by Swami Sivananda, whose forbearer in the west is Swami Vishnu-Devananda. It includes five principles: Asanas (non-strenuous postures), breathing, relaxation, nutrition, positive thinking and meditation. When I teach prenatal yoga, I incorporate those style’s principles and spirit… the state of mind, and the great love for this gift which became to be a part of me. (I do not use the set sequence of asanas that is specific to this type of yoga).

Further and beyond this… During the course of my doula training, I had the opportunity to participate in a Sivananda yoga retreat and attended a class by one of its most superb teachers, Omkar (which had not been related to pregnancy at all). During that class, in an amazing epiphany and in an independent way, the magnificent oneness of yoga and childbirth was born within me. And so I found that not only does yoga contribute and prepare for childbirth, as everyone knows, but that in fact they are inseparable – the same principles that come into play in yoga, are expressed in an amazing way in childbirth as well. From this insight, I have created and developed a unique and invigorating plan which is in fact an application of the unification of yoga and birth. I gave life to this insight: yoga is birth and birth is yoga – they are one.

During the lessons, I weave in and provide extensive interdisciplinary knowledge about pregnancy and birth in a unique and illuminating way. I have composed and constructed over thirty topics, with a new topic introduced in every lesson.

“Each class is so unique…She gave us a new, fresh perspective, tools and inspiration to prepare us for birth.” (Angela)

Being a yogi-doula, who has been present at births, during yoga classes my spirit is in… When I teach, I make the practical and accurate connection between yoga and birth. Often, while observing births, they look like yoga to me – and vice versa, during yoga classes I often feel as if I am at a birth.

“Because she has the dual background of being a doula and exquisitely trained to prepare a woman’s body , mind and spirit to labor as well as trained to teach yoga, we as the students benefit greatly on how to go into labor.” (Angela)

“Almost as soon as I found out Tami was a doula, in addition to being a yoga instructor, I knew she was the person I wanted to guide and be with me through this pregnancy and labor.” (Andrea)

“After my first two classes with her a light turned on inside me, hope began to grow that this birth would be different. I asked her to be our doula, and so began my journey to the dream of my daughter, Lucy’s birth.” (Bridget)



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