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Feeling good in pregnancy

Prenatal support

From left :  Eyal & Tami, Zohar & Eitan

The well-being of the mother during pregnancy carries implications on her growing baby. The unborn baby is affected by the mother’s moods and experiences, and is exposed to a great extent to what the mother is exposed. It is important, therefore, to help the mother lead a healthy life style and to experience her pregnancy in a calm and satisfying way. Pregnancy and childbirth are two parts of one continuum: The entire pregnancy is a process in which the body as a whole prepares for birth. Maintaining physical and emotional wellness during pregnancy allows the body to produce the unique cocktail of hormones it needs to carry out birth successfully.

My support during pregnancy helps to nurture, maintain and encourage good health, a feeling of tranquility, and a positive outlook through nutritional advice, yoga, emotional support and other tools.

“You have made my pregnancy the most special period of my life.”(Viviana)

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