Tamii Doula Yogy

Here are some thoughts about how your class helped me in labor.

First of all, I think it was very useful to spend some time each week mentally, emotionally and spiritually preparing for labor - and the class helped me to do that. Each week I was visualizing how positive an experience labor could be. Also I was expecting to let go of my thinking mind and trust my intuition and my body - practicing this focus on the body each week made it easier to let go and trust my body during labor.

Practicing movements that I would use in labor was helpful. I had many ideas for different positions and ways to move. I used the ball for much of my labor, and used walking, rocking and lunging. Having practiced so many different movements made me feel prepared and when one didn't feel good I knew that there were many other things for me to try.

Practicing deep and slow breathing was helpful. I concentrated especially on having a long and complete exhale. I found this very natural to do during labor because we had practiced so much during class.

The focus on rhythm in class - using music and making rhythmic movements was helpful. I didn't use music during my labor because I was so focused inside myself, but I did use rhythmic movement and made rhythmic sounds - chanting and moaning. Positive attitude/ visualization. I think this goes along with the first idea. I did visualize the contractions as light passing through my body and waves washing over me. I focused on my baby and imagined him helping me. These ideas are from the class and were helpful to me during labor.

I'm sure there are more things that helped - for example just meeting and talking with other pregnant women and new mothers was very comforting. I think this class was the most helpful preparation for labor that I did and I would recommend it to anyone.



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