Tamii Doula Yogy


I took both prenatal yoga and postpartum yoga classes from Tami.

While pregnant, I always looked forward to Tami’s prenatal yoga class. Tami’s classes helped me focus on my body and connect with my baby in a relaxing environment. One thing I really enjoyed was the poses and stretches we did with partners in the class. That way, I could practice those poses and stretches with my husband later on at home. Also, every class, Tami had a different prenatal topic she would discuss. These topics helped me concentrate on different aspects of my pregnancy of upcoming birth.

A few weeks after delivery, my son Liam and I started attending postpartum yoga classes at Tami’s studio. Tami was always careful to point out how to modify poses depending on what type of delivery we had (i.e. I had a C-section). The Sivanda style of yoga we practiced both energized and relaxed me. It was nice to be able to treat myself to a yoga class during the day and bring my son along.

I enjoyed both classes so much due to Tami’s upbeat personality, generous spirit, and calming ways.



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