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I like so many other people first experienced yoga and pilates at the gym. Once I became pregnant, I wanted to continue to exercise. In the books I read, experts said one of the safest ways to prepare your body for labor is pre-natal yoga. I called around town to find where I could find a class.

From the first day of class I realized that it was vastly different and SO much more than the average yoga class. Tami is absolutely awesome. Because she has the dual background of being a doula and exquisitely trained to prepare a woman’s body, mind, and spirit to labor as well as trained to teach yoga, we as the students benefit greatly on how to go into labor.

Each class is filled with tips and practice on how to have a great pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I’ve gone to a private birthing class, I’ve also gone through every hospital birthing class available to me simply because I want more information on this upcoming event. They were all wonderful. However, I’ve learned really unique things in Tami’s yoga class. I’ve learned so many tips on how to best manage things in labor and in pregnancy that I feel prepared.

There is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual preparation to labor in Tami’s classes.

Tami also truly cares for the women in her classes. I feel her care and see it for all the other women each time I go into class.

It also was quite nice as a newly pregnant woman to go to a room with nothing but other pregnant women, I felt we shared something special. There are bonds that you form with the other women that actually continue even after the classes are over. Some of the students who have given birth meet before class just for fellowship and support. Then the pregnant moms can come in and mingle with them and ask questions. It is really a lovely environment. But it is fed from Tami’s spirit. Her spirit is so pure and real and her knowledge so vast. Sometimes even if I had a long hard day I’d run to class knowing that I’d feel better after I left. And I have---every time. Once I got into the class I was able to forget about everything else, all the problems of the day and focus very deeply within myself and really relax in this new and amazing process of being pregnant. I enjoyed the process even more and honored it even more after her class.

I applied her lessons regularly and even taught some to my husband which he appreciated. The lessons were always strong and somehow exactly what I needed to hear at the time. She obviously spent a lot of time working and searching and thinking deeply for each one. The lessons were also tailored to the women at whatever stage of pregnancy they were in. She was always mindful of that. I just simply felt cared for and thought of during each lesson. She is very thoughtful! After the classes she would check with each of the women to see if the class met their needs and she listened to each of us. Each time I leave class I feel refreshed, relaxed, pampered and prepared for so many aspects of pregnancy. Each class is so unique. She gave us a new, fresh perspective, tools, and inspiration, to prepare us for birth. Each class prepares you for movement for labor, breathing, massage for pregnancy, strengthening muscles used in labor, relaxation, meditation, and yes, stretching etc. I can’t believe I actually found her and have been a part of such a wonderful training. I highly recommend her classes!




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