Tamii Doula Yogy


I began my birth preparation with Tami Mor’s prenatal yoga class. She offered a unique combination of birthing lectures and yoga lessons that interwove both. Each practice began and ended with movement. Tami seamlessly brought together what she discussed with us vocally with what she showed us how to do with our bodies physically.

She brought me in tune with myself, and my baby. She discussed the great gifts that our babies were bringing us. She brought me together in myself with a confluence of movement, harmony and spiritual physicality. She taught us how our bodies, our babies, and movement could synthesized and woven into our birth and our yoga practice. After my first two classes with her a light turned on inside me, hope began to grow that this birth would be different. I asked her to be our doula, and so began my journey to the dream of my daughter, Lucy’s birth.



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