Tamii Doula Yogy

Tami Mor's prenatal yoga class was the highlight of my week when I was pregnant and increasingly uncomfortable in my own skin. During and after yoga, I always felt very relaxed physically and mentally; but more than that, Tami's discussions about natural and active labor helped prepare me for the work ahead. When I was in labor, I remembered many of the suggestions she had given; for example, following her advice, I was able to "breathe into" the pain in labor in the way you "breathe into" the discomfort or tension in a yoga asana, and I believe this helped me stay active and focused in my labor. Tami is also encouraging, always offering a positive and loving energy about pregnancy and labor/delivery. She helped make natural childbirth seem like something I could do. And I did!

… Basically, I came to yoga class on Thursday having mild contractions, went home, ate gnocchi, felt the contractions intensify, and was at the hospital shortly after midnight. Elijah was born less than 5 hours later . . .

Tami's postartum yoga class has been a wonderful experience. It's one of the only times during the week that I'm able to focus on myself and my body/recovery after labor. What makes it extra fun is that we all bring our babies with us. If your baby fusses, it's no big deal. Sometimes they all fuss and cry together, sometimes they take turns . . . Tami just thinks of their noises as "music" and we comfort them as we need to.



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