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Your prenatal yoga class was enormously helpful to me during pregnancy. I also took Bradley Method classes with my husband, and while much of the information overlapped, the yoga class was indispensable. Bradley focuses on the technical side, teaching you to make informed decisions in the hospital and to be a good consumer. If I had to pick the most helpful thing for me from the yoga class, it would be connecting with myself and my baby in a spiritual way. When I first came to class at 14 weeks, when the baby was so small and hard to connect with, the guided visualization of hugging my baby in the womb really helped me feel like I knew my baby better.

I also really liked the class on positive thinking. There is so much to worry about during pregnancy and labor, so it really helped. I kept reminding myself that my body was made for this whenever I was afraid or started to not trust myself.

The focus on active labor was very helpful to me as well. Bradley's main relaxation technique is a side-lying position, but during labor the last thing I wanted was to lay down! I felt best when I was moving--standing up, on the ball, walking around, on all-fours, etc. The class helped me practice for that situation.

I really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) the community of the class. It was so nice to form bonds with women who were in my same situation, to be with a group that truly understood what I was going through. It was a boost of confidence when the women who were further along were able to have the natural birth that they wanted.

And of course, the class did all the obvious things, like increasing my strength and flexibility, and reducing stress. I had an extremely easy recovery, which I have to credit the class for. I felt so good and fit almost immediately after my daughter was born!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me, Tami. I really treasured your class, and I love your warmth and caring spirit.

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