Tamii Doula Yogy

Tami was also my prenatal yoga teacher. I felt that this time was also very special. Tami had such a soft soothing voice during this class. It made the class relaxing, spiritual, and filled with energy. She gave each woman individual attention and took interest in everyone's journey through pregnancy. Tami was very knowledgeable on the limitations of the pregnant body. This class had women of all different due dates. She made an effort to make sure everyone was comfortable by adapting different postures for what the body would allow for that time in their pregnancy. She would also help correct our postures to help deepen the stretch and make the experience more enjoyable. I really liked that she would help correct my postures because I felt that she really cared that I get the most out of the class.

Towards the end of class Tami would speak on the journey of pregnancy and what a blessing it is. The talk would have a particular focus that gave the women something to relax and meditate on to have a deeper connection with their baby. With different focuses each week I felt as though I was working more and more to have a deeper connection with my baby, not just improve my physical strength. This was a very special part of the class. I enjoyed the spiritual part of the class the most. However, the yoga class was also a large part of my physical activity during my pregnancy. I like walking to be outside and walk but this class was much more fun. I liked putting my body in different positions and I bet my baby also like changing it up a bit as well. It was wonderful to be with other mothers and the happiness that filled the room was contagious. The prenatal yoga class was a highlight of my week and gave me energy for several days after.


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