Tamii Doula Yogy

I began taking prenatal yoga classes with Tami in my nineteenth week of pregnancy. I was expecting my second child, and hoping for a natural birth. I knew from my previous pregnancy how yoga can help relax and strengthen my body, and I was eager to learn more about natural birth from a doula.

Tami’s class not only fulfilled my expectations of helping me to relax and remain flexible throughout my pregnancy, but also taught me a lot about birth, holistic yoga in general, and myself. It helped me connect with my growing child and feel confident about my fast-approaching labor and birth.

What is unique about Tami’s classes at Amara is that the yoga is intertwined with lessons about natural birth. Each class is different, and focuses on a specific topic, which then build upon each other from class to class.

Tami says that yoga is birth, and birth is yoga. This became clearer to me as I progressed in the class and could see how each lesson built on the last, how each pose, stretch or breathing technique could be applied to the different lessons, and how this holistic approach worked to support and encourage a natural labor.

On a personal level, Tami’s lessons taught me how harness my inner strength through breathing, voice, focus, energy and love. I feel that her teaching hold universal truths for all women which we can take with us-and draw strength from whatever our birth experiences may be.


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