Tamii Doula Yogy

"Because she has the dual background of being a doula and exquisitely trained to prepare a woman’s body, mind, and spirit to labor as well as trained to teach yoga, we as the students benefit greatly on how to go into labor..."

"I think this class was the most helpful preparation for labor that I did and I would recommend it to anyone..."

"I also really liked the class on positive thinking. There is so much to worry about during pregnancy and labor, so it really helped. I kept reminding myself that my body was made for this whenever I was afraid or started to not trust myself..."

"It was wonderful to be with other mothers and the happiness that filled the room was contagious. The prenatal yoga class was a highlight of my week and gave me energy for several days after..."

"Tami Mor's prenatal yoga class was the highlight of my week ... During and after yoga, I always felt very relaxed physically and mentally... Tami's discussions about natural and active labor helped prepare me for the work ahead..."

"After my first two classes with her a light turned on inside me, hope began to grow that this birth would be different..."

Tami says that yoga is birth, and birth is yoga. This became clearer to me as I progressed in the class and could see how each lesson built on the last ... and how this holistic approach worked to support and encourage a natural labor..."

"Tami has one of the most smoothing and relaxing voices I have ever heard..."

"My labor was amazing – intense and the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I never thought to myself that I couldn’t do it and I credit all those yoga classes for that..."

"One thing I really enjoyed was the poses and stretches we did with partners in the class. That way, I could practice those poses and stretches with my husband later on at home..."

"it was a gentle and effective way to explore pain management techniques..."

"I recommend the Prenatal Yoga with Tami ... to help make the birth a more enjoyable experience..."

"My time spent with you and the class is deeply missed. Almost wish I was pregnant again just to share those lovely Thursday nights all over :)... "


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