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The body is strengthened, stretched and made flexible. It is softened, relaxed, calmed, purified and centered. As well it is energized through a series of postures, breathing exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation, positive thinking, nutrition etc. This is some of the light yoga sheds upon the process. These principles of yoga (and others) are amazingly also the principles of birth. From this, I have conceived the insight: yoga is childbirth, and childbirth is yoga – they are one. My unique specialty is in knowing how to apply this. In doing so I have created theoretical and practical curricula that supports my concept. To read more, go to Prenatal Yoga: A powerful tool on the journey to childbirth


In addition, massage helps soften and loosen the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues in order to prepare them for the challenge of child birth. It also helps the mother rejuvenate, relax and gain the tranquility she needs in order to relax her mind and spirit. I provide some of the massage aspects, and I also cooperate with a professional prenatal massage therapist, as necessary.


Shea- prenatal massage

“We would usually end our meetings with such a wonderful massage and all of my problems would melt away. This was so relaxing and made me feel so special- like a princess.” (Shea)


Accurate preparation might be needed; preparation which is adapted to the woman’s personality and character. We come into the birth process with everything we are: Our knowledge about birth and life, our expectations, aspirations and desires, our strengths and weaknesses. During the preparation process, we modify those internal forces in order to utilize them and to be able to tune into our strengths during birth. Through understanding and by acknowledging our weaknesses, we can learn to work and cope. We endeavor to overcome or forego them – or even to use them as a basis for growth. The process of internal observation allows the mind and soul to become soft and supple, enabling the mother to gain the mental and emotional flexibility she will need in order to allow the journey of birth to flow.

Shea & baby Harper

“My talks with her were not only educational but highly therapeutic, and were a key factor in my ability to arrive at birth at my best emotional state.” (Zohar)


Our spirit is our “pure self”.
Together, we will enhance our view of our spirit, to understand what drives it, and learn how to recruit it as an important resource during labor.

“Through Tami, I learned how to trust God in a much more complete way. I learned how to believe in myself and my body on such a profound level that I’ve been transformed into a more centered, balanced person. I learned how to let go and allow God and life to simply occur without trying to control how things happen, without turning away from the difficult moments.” (Bridget)

The final step in the preparation to birth: A process of releasing the body-mind-spirit-knowledge.

Toward the end of the preparation, the mother aims to reach a state of mind in which she is allowed to free herself: In body, in mind and in spirit.

I observe the mother as an essence, and endeavor to learn precisely what she needs to approach at the time of birth at her freest. The mind is set free in a process of inner cleansing: Internal obstructions and external interruptions are discarded as much as possible, in order to become totally devoted to the present. Because, ultimately, in most cases it is the mind that brings about the way in which the birth happen.

“…During another practice, while in deep relaxation, I posted my fears in her strong hands (being of faith that she can contain them) - a liberating experience that gives strength. I waited for labor, contractions and most importantly I felt ready to meet them…Even if it’s only in the imagination, I felt I’d been there-I went through stages of birth, I successfully faced my fears.” (Shimrit)

“As my due date came closer, I met with Tami during the afternoon and she led me on a powerful visualization of the approaching birth. During this visualization, as I relaxed I saw and felt myself letting go, trusting God and my body, feeling fully supported by my husband, midwives and Tami, secure in the blessed surrender of control assured that I could to the work of opening up to allow my baby to come into the world. My breathing centered me and I felt a deep calm I never experienced during my previous pregnancy or labor.
That very night I had a powerful dream….” (Bridget)

The spirit is set free, allowing it to connect to the pure inner self without the external scenery that characterizes our lives. It is allowed to surrender to a power that is beyond us. All this, in a combination unique to her, will enable the woman to become totally focused on her inner self, so that the internal knowledge of the body will flow freely from within, through the intuitions and instincts that were enhanced during the preparation process.

Birthing in essence is a process of release: A release of the mother’s body-mind-spirit, and a release of the baby into the world. For what is birth? It is the life we have created inside of ourselves signaling to us that it is exactly time to set it free. The more released the mother is, the more flowing the process of birthing will become. In such a way, not only is the baby born, but the mother is also reborn.

This is done through:

* Dissemination of unique, up to date knowledge * One-on-one conversations * Guided imagery * Energetic massage to prepare the mind and spirit * Energy work * Listening *Total emotional acceptance of the mother * Relaxation techniques * Yoga classes and workshops * Collaboration with additional experts and colleagues

“I thank God for allowing our paths to cross because you have had such a positive impact on my life by helping Allan and I prepare for Noah. 2009 would not have been the same without you. I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you, you are a very special person and I consider you to be a member of our family…my life has changed for the better because of you and it will never be the same.” (Marie)

Marie, Allen & baby Noah








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