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Preparing for birth

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“There were challenges along the way, but I cannot stress enough how much our preparation helped. Having Tami as our doula was invaluable. For months not only did I benefit from attending yoga classes with her but in our private sessions her knowledge as a doula helped prepare us… It was truly an amazing experience and I could not have done this, the way I planned, without Tami’s guidance.”


“All the time and thought and energy you put in to help me prepare and go through Jevan’s birth-it made all the difference”. (Jenna)

I meet mothers as early or as late in their pregnancy - whether they only need some minimal guidance during the final weeks or days of the pregnancy, or more, up to full support starting as early as they desire. I construct a tailor-made preparation process for each individual, based on how she and her partner view the birth process. I work in full collaboration with each woman to create the kind of preparation that suits her exactly, optimizing and adapting my skills according to her needs and desires.

“I was always impressed by how Tami listened to me and catered her preparations to my needs.” (Jenna)

The preparation I offer ranges from formal knowledge and physical support (yoga and massage) to facilitating a deep, spiritual process; however, every woman has her own unique needs. If someone prefers to focus on just one aspect in her preparation, she will be accommodated.

“The preparation she gave me had been so extensive and deep, that when the time came to labor- I had no problem remembering what she had taught me- it was already a part of my muscles memory”. (Zohar)

I urge you to read about what I offer and to pick and choose what feels right.
Sometimes you know exactly what you want in advance; at other times, you will discover what works best for you as the preparation unfolds. Both ways are equally effective. It is important that you know you are in charge. It is you who manages the birth preparation as well as the birth itself.

“I love Tami’s energy, the atmosphere she creates, the light and the livelihood Tami has. Tami prepared me in this atmosphere and this reflecting and powerful energy was present throughout and during my labor….Tami showed me the other way of preparing for labor. A way which suites my way….This preparation showed me a deep and internal aspects in which I could look into my labor, prepare, and collect the strength to experience the labor process as a whole and empowering process.”(Oshrit)

Childbirth and childbirth preparation is a holistic process that treats the person as a whole in which the physical, emotional and spiritual components are one. I believe that the ability to birth holistically is composed of the combination of four forces: Knowledge, Physicality, Emotional and Spiritual. Therefore, the main focus of preparation is to approach each one of these forces; to strengthen them, make them flexible, soften and at the end, set them free.

“Tami’s beliefs about the natural development of labor mean that she is continually and endlessly available, regardless of how long a preparation takes.” (Jenna)


“She also possesses an impressive and formidable knowledge of the process of childbirth, which she relayed to me during our lengthy one-on-one meetings.” (Zohar)

I help expectant couples strengthen and enhance their understanding of the childbirth process by offering a unique and illuminating view point. (For example: The role of hormones in allowing for a satisfying and empowering birth, seeing the birth from the baby’s point of view and ways to use that view point to enrich and improve your birth experience. Also, I help the mother to experience the process of birthing from a spiritual standpoint, as well as a variety of other aspects that open new avenues of thinking about childbirth.) All of this serves to augment and complement existing knowledge, such as that which is gained from hospital preparation courses, popular books, the internet, etc. In addition, I can refer you to appropriate literature and resources on your interest. You will experience how to make your knowledge flexible – so that your formal, ‘external’ knowledge can serve as a basis for tuning in to your own intuitive and internal knowledge, during birth.


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